What Is Assisted Living?

February 19, 2014

Heritage Creek sitting area and library

Assisted living is a general term used to describe alternative housing for senior citizens. The meaning of the word can get lost amongst those looking for a home for themselves or a family member since the term can be used for so many different homes. Typically, it's for those who need help from time to time but assistance isn't required round-the-clock.

At Heritage Creek, we define our home as a place where seniors can live independently but require some level of assistance. We split our pricing into three levels according with the amount of assistance needed. Every resident receives room and board as well as daily meals. This also includes daily living assistance like help with mobility and bathing. Care is available 24-hours a day and room maintenance is also provided. Each resident gets their own room and AC/heater system to allow for privacy and comfort. But the facility is set up where everyone lives under one roof so members can communicate and foster friendships with their neighbors. We have events throughout the month, with at least one outing for the whole family per month. Residents eat meals in the group dining area and are free to spend time in one of the many common areas.

We are licensed by the state of Texas for meeting the requirements to qualify as an assisted living home. We are happy to answer questions you may have about our home so you can see if it is a right fit for you or your family member. Contact us to discuss different options and possibilities for you or your loved one to feel right at home with us at Heritage Creek!

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