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Located in the sunny city of San Antonio, Texas, Heritage Creek is a San Antonio assisted living facility that features luxurious, comfortable accommodations, combined with personalized, friendly service. We offer residents everything from peaceful outdoor grounds and fully-furnished living spaces, to an on-site movie theater and salon/barber shop. What’s more, we also provide 24 hour nurse access and multiple levels of care to fit each of our resident’s needs.

With a 1-to-8 staff-to-resident ratio, we are a smaller-sized, family-owned facility that’s able to accommodate the needs of all our residents, while still allowing them to lead fulfilling lives. Paired with our professional on-site staff, we have the capacity to do everything possible to make you feel valued, happy, cared for, and connected to our community.

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The Heritage Creek Assisted Living Difference

Smiling senior resident with Heritage Creek staff member

Professional Assistance, Performed Flawlessly

At Heritage Creek, all members of our staff have professional experience working with seniors, combined with the training required to provide the best service possible. From our certified nursing assistants and attendants to our care coordinators, you can rest assured knowing our residents are cared for by the best assisted living staff in San Antonio.

Senior resident with a nurse in the fitness center

Get The Care You Need, When You Need It

Heritage Creek is a small, privately-owned San Antonio assisted living facility. As such, there’s no bureaucracy, or top-down decision making. Instead, we handle everything immediately—right there and then—and do our best to stay mindful of the feelings and ‘goings on’ of our residents. You can count on us to receive timely and immediate care and attention that’s personalized to you and your needs.

to smiling residents

Join Our Family, And Bring Yours

At Heritage Creek, nobody is treated like a number. Instead, we treat our residents and their family members like family, and provide a variety of services to accommodate them. With plenty of planned activities and the freedom to come and go as you please, you’ll feel right at home. From our point of view, we’re in the business of helping people—from our family to yours.

Our Amenities

up close shot of our dining room

Chef-Prepared Dining Options

At Heritage Creek Assisted Living, we don’t cut corners. In fact some might say we spoil our residents—Heritage Creek has a full time executive chef on staff who prepares a custom menu consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner each and every day. Our facility also features a large, fully furnished and equipped dining room that’s always ready for our residents to dine together.

our salon and barber shop

On-Site Hair Salon & Barber Shop

Need a haircut, shave, or hair styling? One of the most unique and talked about areas at Heritage Creek Assisted Living is our vintage-styled salon and barber shop. Available to all residents, you can get a haircut, shave, or hair styling right from the comfort of home, and with help from our professional beauticians, always achieve the look you desire!

our outdoor seating area

Spacious & Serene Living Spaces

When it comes to the design of Heritage Creek, our goal has always been to create a spacious and serene setting where our residents can live peacefully and cozily. With that in mind, we’ve developed several areas—including our lobby, visiting area, and outdoor patio—where residents can sit comfortably and spend time with each other.

Explore Our New Building!

In an effort to realize our mission to provide a beautiful, safe, compassionate, and comfortable stay for each of our residents, we recently expanded and opened a state-of-the-art assisted living facility in San Antonio. Our new facility offers some of the best accommodations in the country, including plush and comfortable living areas and a fully furnished dining room.

Click here to take a video tour of our beautiful community or call us today at (210) 446-2120 to schedule a free in-person tour!

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our new dining room
a living space in our new facility
there is plenty of space in our new building
the outside grounds of our new building


“It was our goal to make Heritage Creek Assisted Living a home, not just a place to live.”
- Christina & Peter Varga, Owners of Heritage Creek Assisted Living

Hear From Our Residents & Their Loved Ones

“I’m glad I can count on Heritage Creek to take care of two people very special to me. I would recommend Heritage Creek to any and everyone that has a loved one that needs a little extra care.”

Chrystal M.

"A great place with exceptional staff, great atmosphere, good food, loving care, and a variety of activities. My mother loves it."

Darla S.

"I appreciated all of the aides that took care of my grandma, especially Keya, Eunice, Chantelle, and Ashleigh. They work so hard, they do their best and are very caring aides. They make sure that you are comfortable and they treat you as a family! I highly recommend this place."

Jack F.

"Heritage Creek Assisted Living has been a wonderful place for our loved ones. It is a beautiful community that is very clean and well-kept. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting. The staff has been very caring, friendly and attentive to their care needs. They are very welcoming to us when we come and visit."

Loved One Of Residents

Life At Heritage Creek


Is assisted living the same as a nursing home?
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No. Nursing homes tend to seniors at all times, 24/7, and provide assistance with everyday activities. This makes them ideal for seniors who need around-the-clock care and supervision.

Assisted living communities, on the other hand, are designed to help senior citizens maintain independent lives, while still receiving the care and assistance they may need. This makes them a good choice for senior citizens who may need help with daily tasks, but who would like to do other things on their own.

To learn more about the difference between assisted living and nursing homes, read our blog, Assisted Living vs Nursing Homes.

What’s the difference between assisted living and independent living?
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The primary difference between assisted living and independent living is that assisted living facilities provide 24/7 access to as-needed assistance and additional care. This means that residents can get help with everything from activities of daily living (ADLs) to toileting assistance and appointment scheduling.

Independent Living facilities, in contrast, are designed so that seniors can perform many of these daily activities on their own, without having to tend to the responsibilities of owning their own home, such as housekeeping, meal prep, or laundry.

How much is assisted living in San Antonio Texas?
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The total cost of assisted living varies depending on the services offered, the needs of the resident, and the specific area in which the facility is located.

That said, our assisted living services cost between $3,500-$5,300/month depending on the individual needs of our residents (based on assessment.)

Does Medicare cover assisted living in San Antonio Texas?
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Medicare doesn't generally cover long-term care like assisted living, but it may cover some medical services that you or a loved one may need, such as outpatient care, prescription drugs, and dental and vision expenses.

If you are interested in calculating the possible cost of a long-term care residency, such as a nursing home or assisted living facility, use the long-term care cost calculator from AARP.

Not sure how to pay for assisted living? Check out our blog How to Pay for Assisted Living for our best advice.

How can I move my parent to an assisted living facility?
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Since they may resist the transition, it can be helpful to plan ahead and frame the move as something to look forward to rather than dread.

For more tips on how to make the move to assisted living, check out our blog, Tips for Transitioning Your Loved One to Assisted Living.

Where is Heritage Creek located?
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The Heritage Creek assisted living community is located at 6538 Eckhert Road

San Antonio, TX 78240, right down the road from Marshall High School.

We’re conveniently located within driving distance of many stores, including HEB and Walmart, hospitals, such as the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital Medical Center, and family-friendly restaurants.

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Both have their merit, but you need to know the differences before signing a contract for either one. Without the knowledge, you could be hurting your loved one without even knowing it.

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Moving an elderly loved one into a care facility can be a difficult process. Many seniors see the move as a loss of their independence and are unable to imagine the benefits of their new home. Others are overwhelmed by the move itself, and, for them, selecting which treasures to leave behind is just too painful. Leaving a long-time community can also be very stressful, and possibly losing touch with friends adds to the anxiety.

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