heritage creek assisted living lobby area

Lobby and Visiting Area

Keeping the families and friends of our residents involved in our program is what makes Heritage Creek Assisted Living special. We’ve developed our lobby and visiting area to be a welcoming and comfortable place for those coming in to see their loved ones.

We have friendly staff at the front desk to welcome you into our home, and comfortable seating areas for you to visit with your loved ones.

heritage creek outdoor seating area

Peaceful Outdoor Settings

When designing our modern facilities, it was our goal to create a spacious and serene setting where our residents could live peacefully and comfortably. With that idea in mind, we’ve developed several patio areas where residents can enjoy the outdoors and spend time with each other.

heritage creek assisted living seating area

Comfortable Living

Everything we’ve designed and built at Heritage Creek Assisted Living was crafted with comfort in mind. Heritage Creek was created to be a home, not just a place to live. From plush seating areas, to spacious gathering rooms, we put the utmost care into furnishing our home.

Each resident has a beautiful, private living space with all their furnishings to make them feel right at home. Residents are encouraged to bring their own photos, furniture, and personal belongings to personalize their space. Beds and recliners are available to be furnished on an as-needed basis.

heritage creek assisted living dining room

Fully Furnished Dining Room

At Heritage Creek Assisted Living, we don’t cut corners. In fact some might say we spoil our residents — Heritage Creek has a full time executive chef on staff who prepares a custom menu consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner each and every day.

Our facility features a large dining room fully furnished and equipped — ready for our residents to dine together. All of our residents have access to food and snacks any time of day.

heritage creek salon and barber shop

Salon & Barber Shop

One of the most unique and talked about areas at Heritage Creek Assisted Living is our vintage-styled salon and barber shop. Our residents have full access to this amazing room where everyone can be pampered. If you’d like to come out for a tour and see our beautiful community, get in touch today to schedule a tour!

custom movie theater

Custom Movie Theater

We’ve built a custom movie theater in Heritage Creek where our residents can spend time together watching all of their favorite movies, new and old.  Our theater features a state of the art entertainment center that is perfect for entertaining our residents and their guests.

empty unfurnished room

Luxurious 1 Room Suite

Our bedrooms provide a warm and safe atmosphere with elegantly painted walls. Our windows provide a beautiful view and the lighting is perfect to make you feel at home.

Plus, each room’s temperature is fully customizable so you can be assured you’ll feel comfortable in a room you make your own. Residents provide their own furnishings and have the freedom to decorate however they choose.